Our Philosophy

We have abided by one rule from the first day of business till today – what is not fit for our own consumption, is not meant for sale. This has been our mantra for maintaining the highest quality standards as well as our position in the spice trade for such an impressive amount of time!

Keeping a customer satisfied is an essential part of the business as each customer is treated as top priority. This is because the customer is treated more as a partner, instrumental  in the growth of the business rather than an outsider.

Similarly business is viewed as a means to the end and not the end itself. It is an extension of the family’s ethical and cultural codes of conduct. This is the prime reason why, that even after four generations, the company has managed to live by goodwill created and build on it. We believe in up-gradation, refinement, adapting to the changing environment as well as being customer friendly in order to be relevant in the spice industry.

“What is not fit for our own consumption, is not meant for sale.”

Establishing Standards

Having celebrated a centennial, and with four generations in the trade, we have imbibed the adroitness through experiential observation. The company works on ‘farm to fork’ approach, understanding every stage of supply chain of the spice trade. This empirical approach ensures quality of each ingredient is maintained throughout the year.


  • Selection of the right variety of the spice.
  • Drawing random samples at regular intervals during the process ensures that the material is being processed in the right manner keeping the aromatics at the optimum level.
  • Selection of the right supplier – a stringent, quality centric process through which only the best producers and suppliers are taken on board.

  • The finished product is then generically tested to ensure that it has been processed in the right manner.

  • Checking the raw material on receipt – this ensures we are working with the right quality of spice to begin with. Organoleptic and lab tests ensure this is verified.

  • This QC passed product is now tested against client specifications before being packed and then readied for delivery.