Our Social Responsibility

We respect the environment and strive to keep it as less distressed as possible. Our grinding machines are acoustically designed to reduce noise pollution. The Japanese technology adopted for treating sewage makes waste management comfortable and safe. Water is treated and reused in the bathrooms and for plants around. Dust arising from the various processes within the facility is disposed off systematically and not released carelessly in the open environment.

We as a company, believe in metamorphosing and modernization, in order remain technically and technologically savvy. In order to manage the same, we constantly update our competencies and skills with various certifications, automations and documentation of the same as and when necessary. This is one of the prime reasons that MM International has been a respected brand through it’s semi centennial journey

IPM Sustainable Program
IPM or integrated pest management system used for kasuri methi (fenugreek) leaf, cumin and chilli are of the highest standards and meet strict EU compliances.


Special Requirements
Special care has been taken to make the facility nut and sesame seed free as these are globally recognized as common allergens. Known spice allergens like mustard and celery are stored, process and packed in a designated area.