India is a land coveted most for it’s spices. Among all the other things it has to offer, Indian spices were and still top the list. In the same way, Mr. Nandlal Vorawas known for his foresight, dynamism and keen business acumen. He was one such young pioneer in the spice trade. Realizing the business opportunity, he started a wholesale spice trading company in erstwhile Bombay, way back in 1905, in British India. At the tender age of 17, Mr. Nandlal Vora adhered to a philosophy that not only ensured that the business grew, but also guaranteed his position as a high profile player of the spice trade. The name is there fore synonymous with quality assurance even after a century!


The 4th generation entrepreneur from the spice trade started trading at young age of 18. With over 30 years of experience in the spice industry and management qualifications to back, Nimish has worked in several capacities and has played an active role in matters related to the spice trade.

His in-depth product knowledge and processing know-how has made MM International a single point source for quality spices internationally. He has worked in several capacities on the Board of ISFEA from 2010 to 2016.

He has also presented papers on the IPM Cumin project in ISC and ESA (Gothenburg, Sweden). Nimish was from a select few to be on the committee of the FSSAI to draft standards of spices in India. Nimish currently heads purchase, production, planning and sales.


A commerce graduate is a lead auditor BRC & ISO 22000. With 12 years of experience in MM International, he was instrumental in implementing HACCP in 2006 and BRC food in 2013.

He currently heads systems, audits, technical and certifications in MM International. With years of experience he has gained hands-on experience in international banking, FOREX and administration along with spices. Thorough involvement in all aspects of the business has helped him successfully implement ERP system in to the company, thereby integrating various facets of the business into one homogenous entity. Pranav heads the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system for the production of chilli. With sound knowledge of the product process flow and food safety, he was instrumental in designing MMI’s new state of the art factory.

Having an impressive global presence, we currently cater to Canada, USA, England, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Kuwait, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

Our success story lies truly in the dedication of each member, our hands-on approach, application of our learning to the business and our nimble problem solving skills. With end to end quality control, we strive and ensure that the goods do justice to the brand and every pinch of MM International spices, flavour your lives….everyday!

Mumbai being centrally located ensures easy availability of spices grown from all over India. The company gains advantage in terms of costs and speed of doing business.